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Decorative Arts and Design Magazine

Ademas de. Revista

Además de (ISSN 2444-121X) is an international digital magazine on decorative arts and design, published by the National Museum of Decorative Arts (MNAD) and the MNAD Friends Association.

It is designed to disseminate research and studies on the decorative arts and design, through unpublished scientific works.Salto de línea It aims to be a forum for debate on the cultural role of the decorative arts and design, both in the past and at present, through interpretive and contextual visions, fostering a vision that allows us to interpret our culture in the global sphere, in all eras.

First launched in 2015, it is published on an annual basis, and is designed for researchers, designers, entrepreneurs, architectural professionals, collectors, teachers, students, cultural managers, museologists, and decorative art and design fans. Link externo