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Temporary exhibition programme

The MNAD's programme of temporary exhibitions is an alternative to the Museum's permanent exhibition. Given the special configuration of the building in which it is housed, the 'museum à la carte' model was adopted, which functions as a mosaic of simultaneous offerings on several of its exhibition floors.

[ Goals ]

  • To project the museum's new identity.
  • To reinterpret the collections, linking them to the values and problems of modern life.
  • To improve our communication capacity and social projection.
  • To encourage social participation in the construction of the Museum

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[ Experimental exhibitions ]

These exhibitions establish an active interpretative link with our current reality, analysing contemporary ways of life, values, attitudes and material culture.

[ New readings in the collection ]

We regularly organise thesis exhibitions, in which new approaches to the collections are tested, connecting them with current issues and trying out new languages and communicative resources.

[ History of design ]

A series of exhibitions dedicated to great Spanish designers and universal classics of design.

[ Design and pedagogy ]

These exhibitions show the results of formal and informal educational projects developed in partnership with different design schools and universities.

[ Social Responsibility ]

In recent years, the Museum has embarked on a new exhibition journey with the aim of becoming a museum of everyone for everyone, with projects that involve and give a voice to different groups in its galleries.