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Noche de los museos 2010. Cosplay

Museums have evolved. Born to bring knowledge and culture into society’s reach, museums today aim more and more to be dynamic centres, spaces open to dialogue with different social movements; actors of social change and critical awareness; and institutions open to participation and defenders of each citizen's right to access culture and heritage.

From this perspective, we must fight not to be thought of as elitist institutions but as museums for all, as welcoming places. To this end, it is our duty to create more open spaces that answer the public's concerns and echo their questions.

Visitante observando los azulejos de la cocina valenciana

+ Social Museums (Museos + sociales)

The + Social Museums (Museos + Sociales) plan was created by the Ministry of Culture with the aim of ensuring that museum institutions adapt to the social realities of today, aiming to be accessible and respond to the needs of all citizens, especially those groups who have greater difficulties in visiting or who are at risk of social exclusion. The aim is also to raise the profile of the social cohesion we need and to make the museum an element of integration and mutual knowledge, a space for sharing reflections and experiences, new ideas and new practices, aimed at promoting coexistence and respect and responding to social, economic and cultural changes.

+ Information Nueva ventana

Hall del museo
Línea horizontal

State Museums Permanent Public Laboratory

The Laboratory is a permanent research, training and intercommunication project for issues related to the visitors to state museums managed by the Directorate General of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage, and of Archives and Libraries, as well as museums that wish to join the project by means of a partnership agreement.

The Laboratory is a tool that allows us to gather meaningful data about our visitors. Its purpose is to provide data, tools and knowledge to guide all our actions, so that through the relationship with our visitors, we can optimise the fulfilment of our social function.