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Programa de actividades culturales y educativas

We want you to associate your visit to the museum with a visit to a welcoming space for individual or family leisure time, connected with your free time and with rewarding experiences.

To this end, we are offering a series of monthly cultural and educational activities for different audiences.

Workshops, storytelling, concerts and treasure hunts are just some of the activities we offer throughout the year.


  • To create cultural products that make us an interpretative centre.
  • To make the museum a centre for formal and informal education.
  • To encourage you to help build the museum.
  • To be a place for family leisure.
  • To be an accessible, collectively built and participatory institution.
  • To be a meeting place for citizens.
  • To belong to everyone.
  • For children to grow up in our galleries, having fun.
  • For young people to connect with the museum.
  • For older people to see the Museum as a potential place for leisure and fulfilment.
  • For people with less formal education to feel welcome and interested.
  • To meet the expectations of tourists from Spain and abroad.