Protección y conservación in situ

Sometimes, in order to conserve Underwater Cultural Heritage properly, it is advisable to limit public access and take special measures to ensure its protection. This is the case with sites endangered due to their own fragility, aggressive conditions (waves and currents, etc.) or human activities (looting). Physical protection systems can be installed at various times.

Before excavation, if this cannot be started due to technical, scientific or economic reasons; during excavation, if the site needs it; and always after excavation, in order to leave the natural environment as it was.

There are different systems to protect an underwater site temporarily or permanently, such as netting, groynes, artificial mounds, metal structures, etc... Other protective systems can also be used, such as signage, informational campaigns, security cameras on the surface or underwater, satellite monitoring, etc.

We have an outstanding ally in these efforts in the Spanish military and navy, particularly the Special Underwater Activity Groups (GEAS) for underwater surveillance and the Coastguard Service on the surface.Salto de línea