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Naval construction and navigation


It is structured around the replica cross-sections of four boats related to the thematic areas of the Mare Hibericum: the Phoenician boat called Mazarron 2, a Greek merchant's cargo ship (excavated in Cala de San Viçens, Majorca), a Roman merchant's ship (found at Laurons, France) and a medieval ship (boat from Castil Davante). The sections of each ship reproduce in detail its structural and morphological characteristics and its cargo, placed exactly according to studies of the conserved wrecks.

The naval scenes on the wall alternate with a series of games requiring manual interaction, which test visitors on what they have learned on their visit to the Museum. All elements of the naval architecture wall are tactile, encouraging visitors to experience directly the textures and shapes of the materials and objects. They are also ergonomically suitable for all types of visitors.