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Library services



There is a request or suggestion box in the reading room for requesting documents which are not in the holdings and which readers feel will be of interest, provided that no more than five years have passed since their publication. Requests can also be sent by e-mail: e-mail

Reproduction of Library Holdings

Users can obtain reproductions of books, documents, journals, brochures and graphic materials in the form of photocopies or photographs. The library provides a self-service photocopy machine for this purpose.

The following rules for reproductions should be taken into account:

  • Users cannot photocopy more than a third of the work.
  • They cannot photocopy documents more than 50 years old or whose special characteristics might put their conservation at risk.
  • Drawings, photographs, maps and engravings can be reproduced only by photography.
  • The library accepts no responsibility for the use of reproductions contravening the rights protected by law.

Inter-library loans with other institutions

This is perhaps the most widespread, best-known and most requested activity of specialist libraries, and permits bibliographic resources to be extended by providing users with access to publications in other centres.

Any publication can be requested as an inter-library loan, although depending on the rules of the lending library, this may be the original or a copy (photocopy, microfilm, digital files, etc.).

Users must fill in the standard form for inter-library loans, in which they undertake to accept the rules and time limits established by the lending library.