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The laboratory: ARQVAtec

It is called Arquatec the space of the National Museum of Underwater Archeology intended for conservation-restoration laboratory and nautical and diving facilities.

It is born in a diaphanous place because of the space needs that a laboratory of these characteristics requires. It is dimensioned and endowed with a specific infrastructure to carry out treatments of conservation of large batches of archaeological material or pieces of large dimensions, something common in underwater archeology. Desalination, impregnation and electrolysis treatment tanks, washing tables, freeze drier, cranes and handling elements of large loads and other specific equipment are distributed in the 1000 square meters occupied by the laboratory.

Another 1000 meters are occupied by warehouses and nautical and diving facilities, boats, compressors, bottles and suits, hoses and snails ...

In addition, it has an ample space of 260 m2 destined to classroom of formation and seminary of work.