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Image service

Imagen de fotografiado de piezas del museo

How to request images from our Graphic Archive

The National Museum of Underwater Archaeology has a graphic archive. The images are available upon request. To request an image you should write to documentacion.arqua@cultura.gob.ese-mail stating which image you require, what you will use it for and which image format you need (e.g. jpg). If it is an item from the collection please, if possible, include an inventory number, if it is a photograph of the Museum building, please provide the location you require.

Once we have received your request, we will send a form that must be filled in, signed and sent back to documentacion.arqua@cultura.gob.ese-mail. The requestor will be asked for his or her name, surname address and ID/Passport information.

Graphic Archive Regulations

The provided image will not be altered without prior permission from the Museum.

The provided image will have the following caption: © SPANISH NATIONAL MUSEUM OF UNDERWATER ARCHEOLOGY ARCHIVE, followed by the name of the author of the image, if known.

Two copies of each book/journal in which the provided image is reproduced will be given to the Museum so they become part of the Museum’s library holdings.

The Museum is a state institution and the image service is regulated by Orden CUL/1077/2011, de 25 de abril de 2011 (B.O.E. 29 de abril de 2011)PDF, which establishes the fees of the image service.

The payment of the fee must be done beforehand by bank transfer in an account provided once the request has been received. The requestor should provide the bank statement of the transfer before being given the image.