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Spanish Galleons Overseas

The main research line of the MNAS for the next decades is focused on the investigation of Spanish galleons sunk overseas, since the management of the wrecks located in the 12 miles of territorial sea (ca. 22 km) is the total responsibility of The Autonomous Communities since 1984.

In this sense, the Museum is already signing successive agreements, and preparing others that aim at the investigation of the mentioned historical events:

  • Wrecks of the Invincible Armada in Ireland
  • Wrecks of the Gulf of Mexico
  • Wrecks of the Caribbean
  • Pacific wrecks and the Philippines

Along with this, the Museum is already organizing with a long-term vocation the systematization of a series of studies that correspond chronologically to the centuries of the Hispanic Monarchy and its overseas expansion:

  • Shipbuilding from the end of the s. XV until the s. XIX.
  • Transoceanic routes
  • Navigation Systems
  • Hispanic Ports dispersed throughout the world (port structures in water and land: docks, tunnels, warehouses, port fortifications, lighthouses, etc.)
  • Evolution of naval artillery
  • Biographies of the most important navigators, etc.