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investigación en el Museo

The National Museum of Underwater Archaeology has among its purposes, according to the Royal Decree governing the museum (1508/2008 of 12 September) to:

a) Preserve, document and enrich Spanish underwater cultural heritage within the scope covered by the General State Administration, through archaeological research and methods, showing the complexity of the different historical contexts in which our underwater cultural heritage originated.

b) Recover, collect, preserve and make available to the public cultural goods belonging to underwater archaeological heritage.

c) Engage in public outreach on the value of Spanish underwater cultural heritage, raising its profile and that of the professional work carried out in order to protect and preserve our underwater heritage.

d) Display the history of Spanish underwater archaeological research internationally, as well as that of the specific methods used to conserve and restore underwater cultural heritage.

e) Incorporate all the resources provided by new technologies for the prospecting, identification, documentation, preservation and dissemination of submerged archaeological objects.

f) Promote research projects in the field of preservation in underwater archaeology and to give the results of these projects back to society.

g) Support the training of new professionals in disciplines related to underwater cultural heritage.

h) Collaborate with the different regional governments and their research centres for the study, valuation, research, preservation, protection and dissemination of Spanish underwater cultural heritage.

i) Cooperate with other countries and institutions to comply with the provisions of the International Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage and communicate the importance of international cooperation in the protection of underwater cultural heritage.

j) Participate, as a sector leader, in the execution of national and international training plans regarding underwater archaeological heritage within the framework of the National Plan for the Protection of Underwater Archaeological Heritage.

With these objectives in mind, the Museum has various research projects underway, both at archaeological sites and in restoration projects. It also organises various courses and conferences both nationally and internationally, as well as scientific and informational publications.