Amphora from the western Mediterranean

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This amphora was part of the cargo of the Mazarrón 2 wreck. It is an entirely preserved Western-Phoenician amphora, commonly called R-1; it takes its name from the Algerian site of Rachgún. It was the only extant Phoenician model originating from the Iberian peninsula in use at that time (7th- 6th centuries BCE). This type of amphora was not created for a specific type of content as its use has been documented for transporting wine, oil, and salted fish or meat. Although the production centres were initially located in the southern Iberian Peninsula, throughout the 7th century BCE, production is known in both the Phoenician factories and indigenous towns, where it was thought that they were used to store the local produce. As these types of amphorae were exported, examples of them have been found in the African and Portuguese Atlantic and in the central Mediterranean area.