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School tours at the museum

Discovering the value of diversity

Vistas escolares para hacer en el museo

What do you say you skip school today and head over to the National Museum of Anthropology? We would be delighted to welcome you to spend a wonderful, unusual day with us, having fun and at the same time learning about the importance of certain values in our education as people. To this end, we have prepared a range of educational tours aimed at all school levels - early childhood, primary and secondary - with which you can discover many new, interesting things about the world's many cultures. Learn about realities beyond your own, without a minute for boredom and with a positive attitude towards the difference that multiculturalism brings.

All school visits are free of charge.

How can I book a school tour with teachers?

Tours will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in two shifts: from 10:00 am to 11:30 am and from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. If the date you request is available, we will inform you directly; otherwise, we will write to you to offer you another date or put you on a waiting list.

To book, please send us this application form indicating the tour you’d like to do.

  • Discover our school tours:

Dear teachers: here at the MNA, we offer schools educational tours for all interests and educational levels. All of our tours take students through a series of objects, selected in advance to fit the topics chosen for each visit. For a first introduction to the museum, you can choose one of our tours that addresses the collections in a general way; those who we are returning for another visit can select a thematic tour that focuses on a more specific topic or culture.

In both cases, we use activities that make it impossible for the students - and of course the teachers - to get bored. Our experienced educators are always ready to get students to participate, asking them questions about the subject matter of each tour, which seek to provoke them into reflecting on the world around us and our part in it. For early childhood and primary school students, this dialogue between educator and pupils is combined with hands-on activities and fun games. For secondary students, we go a step further, commenting on current issues related to the subject matter and bringing in the pupils' own experiences and personal opinions. As you may have seen, these tours provide constant interaction, they are very dynamic, where having a good time while learning new things is a must.

  • We also invite you to prepare the visit in advance in class. To do this, you can consult our teaching guide for teachers, in which you will find a selection of objects from the museum, accompanied by a brief commentary adapted to each school level, as well as proposals for thematic tours for all cycles and activities to do before and after the visit.

Is it possible to make a school visit to the museum on your own?

Although we believe that visits with educators can be more enriching, this is also a possibility. The visits would take place from Tuesday to Friday in two shifts: from 10:00h to 11:30h and from 11:30h to 13:00h, with a maximum capacity of 30 people including teachers.

You can send us your request to the following e-mail address: e-mail indicating the date and time of the visit, name of the school, number of pupils and their educational cycle and a contact name and telephone number.

Virtual Tours

As an alternative, especially for those schools that for geographical reasons find it more difficult to come to the museum, we offer you the chance to take one of our virtual school visits in class. If you can't come to the museum, the museum will come to your school, of course! No one should miss out on enjoying a legacy that belongs to everyone, especially now that the MNA is part of the "Landscape of Light", declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Link