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At your service

Visita familiar al museo

Reception and welcome area

The museum's ticket office is located in the entrance hall. There, we welcome visitors and offer the following services:

  • Museum information point. Here, you can find information about our opening times and days, the capacity of the museum at each stage, the online booking procedure and the temporary exhibition currently on display. Of course, we will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about how the museum works.
  • Ticket office. Here, you can purchase and collect your tickets and season tickets. If you have booked your ticket online in advance, you will need to be ready to show the confirmation.
  • Information and support material stand. You can also find these downloadable materials in pdf format at Downloadable materials for your visit.
  • Cloakroom. For reasons of safety and comfort [Descripción: Nueva ventana] in the exhibition halls, and for your convenience, you should leave your rucksack, suitcase or any bulky items you may have with you in the cloakroom. This is also the case with umbrellas and, unless you have something to put them in, water bottles or similar items. We remind you that the cloakroom is for the use of museum visitors only. Don't forget to collect your belongings at the end of your visit!
  • Mobility. If you suspect you will need a wheelchair to be able to complete the visit or if, during your visit, a physical difficulty arises that makes using a wheelchair advisable, do not hesitate to ask for it at reception. In addition, the Museum and the Fundación Vivir Sin Barreras (FUNVIBA) provide reduced-mobility visitors with a vehicle specially designed to move around the museum's interior spaces, free of charge. The aim of this project is to achieve a vision of public space that is fully accessible via technical aids (electric scooters). The entire public area is fully accessible.
  • Sale of publications. The ticket office is also where you can purchase museum publications and exhibition catalogues, which are displayed in a glass case alongside the ticket office. We accept payment in cash and by credit card.

Exhibition halls

Once inside the museum, we remain at your service. The services we offer in the public area of the museum are:

  • Visitor services team. You will find the people who make up this team distributed throughout the museum's rooms. These clearly-identified staff members are at your service to provide continuing support as needed, help visitors comply with the behavioural guidelines of the museum and to help if you need it. We’re happy to assist you and to make your visit more enjoyable.
  • Toilets and baby changing facilities. The museum is opening new toilets: more modern, more attractive, more accessible and unisex! Located on the first floor, they have baby changing facilities and are accessible for people with reduced mobility. There is also an accessible toilet next to the temporary exhibition halls on the ground floor.
  • Rest area. Chairs, currently placed two metres apart, are distributed throughout the museum to help you catch your breath. More specifically, they can be found on the two staircase landings and in the Africa and America rooms.


The museum is equipped with all the necessary systems to guarantee your safety. All detectors and alarms are managed from a control centre manned 24 hours a day by security professionals. The staff who work in the exhibition halls have also been trained to provide help in emergency situations. In fact, from time to time, we conduct unannounced drills. If by any chance one should occur during your visit, we apologise in advance for the inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding; we need them for our training. This is for your own safety.

Service Charter

Like all state institutions, we have a Service Charter in which we publicly commit to providing these and other services under certain conditions. Due to the unusual situation we are currently experiencing, it will not be possible to provide some of our usual services. However, there are others that are still in force, and the museum's commitments to them can be found in the Charter: