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Admission rules

A place to enjoy

We want museum visitors to feel comfortable and at home there, at ease. We don’t want you to perceive it as one of those nearly holy places in which it seems you can barely breathe. We want you to experience the Museum, enjoy it, be able to talk to the people you are with, and make your leisure time in the MNA a fun, interactive, social experience, not very different in that way from other things to which you dedicate your free time. We want you not to have to be constantly telling off your children and we want them to remember their first visit to the museum as something, if not memorable, at least nice and fun.

The advantage of being a modestly sized museum is that we do not have huge imposing spaces and our installations are made of long-suffering materials, enabling us to offer a great environment for school trips and children's and family activities. And, fortunately, nearly all the objects we have on display are kept in display cases, so the risk of them being damaged by carelessness is small.

In addition, we who look after you in the rooms are specially trained to be friendly and look after your needs respectfully, and to understand that when you come to the museum you want to enjoy it in a relaxed way. So if we ever have to draw your attention to anything for any reason, we ask you to be understanding and collaborate.

Just a few rules

For all these reasons, there are only a few rules we ask you to help us maintain. We list them below. In general, for the museum visit to be a happy time for everyone, for you and for those who coincide with you here, it is enough to follow ordinary rules of mutual respect and coexistence and the use common sense.

  • As in many public museums, in the MNA, you can also take photographs freely inside the museum with your camera or mobile device. The collections are everybody's. However, for reasons of conservation, we ask you not to use flash and, so that you do not bother other visitors, not to use a tripod.
  • To better preserve the cultural assets in the museum's custody and on display, animals are NOT PERMITTED in the Museum, with the exception of trained assistance dogs. (In accordance with Article 29.3 of Law 7/2023 of 28 March on the protection of the rights and welfare of animals, Law 16/1985 of 25 June on Spanish Historical Heritage and other regulations governing the protection of cultural heritage in state museums).
  • For the same reasons, you cannot bring large objects such as bags, knapsacks or umbrellas into the museum. We will be pleased to look after them for you in the cloakroom in the foyer.
  • For health reasons and the collections' security, we also ask you not to eat or drink inside the museum. And not to come in with animals, except, of course, for guide-dogs.
  • And, again so that you do not annoy other visitors, it's better if you don't use your mobile phone and turn off call tones and incoming messages.
  • Finally, we suppose by now there is no need to remind you that smoking in public places is not allowed, particularly in a museum.

That's all. Not very hard, is it? Thank you very much for your understanding!