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Permanent exhibition

The MNA has four rooms for the permanent exhibition of its collections. They offer a global vision of the culture of different peoples. In this way, the cultural similarities or differences that unite or separate them are established in order to highlight the richness and diversity of the world's cultures, foster intercultural understanding and promote tolerance towards other peoples and cultures.

In this section of the website we offer you the chance to find out about its contents beforehand, to encourage you to visit the rooms and have direct contact with the museum's collections and the panoramic view they offer of the world's cultures, to prepare for your visit and even to select which areas of the tour or which objects or cultures you are going to stop at.

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The museum map will help you find your way around the Museum and plan your visit, identifying each of the rooms in the permanent exhibition, their location in the building and how to get to them.

You will also find all the services offered by the museum, as well as a selection of 10 key pieces from the museum's collections, indicated by small icons showing where they are located in each room.

The map briefly explains each of these 10 pieces. It also includes practical information about the museum, its opening hours, its social networks, how to access its activities, days it is open to the public, etc.

Guide plans

Guide plans