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Accesibilidad en el museo
An accessible museum

In the museum, we take care to make every one of the rooms and all the building's spaces fully accessible to our visitors, guaranteeing the visit by and attention to people with reduced mobility or physical or hearing disabilities.

No architectural barriers

  • The museum has an entrance provided for people with physical disability or reduced mobility, at Calle Alfonso XII, 68 (the museum's side entrance). You can use this entrance simply by approaching the door and ringing the bell.
  • Inside the museum, to break vertical barriers during the visit, a lift gives access to the different floors.
  • In addition, the museum has a bathroom adapted for people with motor impairment.
Accesibilidad en el museo

We have adaptive technological resources to cater for people with hearing disabilities and make their stay in the museum more comfortable. It is the result of a project sponsored by the Orange Foundation jointly with the FEAM ( Spanish Federation of Museum Friends' Associations). It consists of a magnetic loop, which can be switched on by asking for it at the museum's ticket office and is at the disposal of people with hearing difficulties who use technical aids (hearing aids or cochlear implants) to obtain a clearer acoustic signal, without interference by external noise. To receive the hearing loop signal, set your hearing aid to “T” (Telecoil).