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Vista de la sala de América

Welcome to the new website of the MNA, the National Anthropology Museum. This is the museum's virtual space, though if you're here now, in a certain way, you’ve already come inside, because we want this website to be a faithful reflection of the museum, its life and activity, its history and future, values, spirit and way of being, the collections and the knowledge they store and want to share, what it can offer, what it can do with your participation, etc.

We also want it to be an invitation for you to go to the real space, approach its tangible building, to live the real experience represented by immersion in the multicultural, intercultural miniature world it houses, make it your own and help to renew it, revitalise it, turn it into what we all want it to be.

The Museum is a small but very special place. It is more than 140 years old, still it is not a place anchored in time. It is very alive. And its temporary exhibitions and activities enable us to approach today's societies and cultures, as well as our own, ourselves, in a multi-ethnic world.

Come on. Come and discover it. Come with your close ones. Join the MNA people. Help us to make the museum...

The museum of people like us+them