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Professional filming and reporting

Help us spread the word about the Museum

If you are a journalist, blogger, editor, producer, photographer, cameraman or any other type of media or audiovisual professional, and if you find the Museum, its historic building, its collections, its temporary exhibitions or its increasingly abundant and diverse activities for a wide variety of audiences interesting, help us spread the word about the Museum. We would be delighted, and we will give you our full support.Salto de línea Here is some brief preliminary material which we hope will make your work easier:

  • The visitor regulationsNueva ventana allow photographs to be taken inside the museum, provided that neither flash nor tripod is used. If the images taken are going to be used for publicity purposes in the press, we kindly ask that you submit a request, then send us a copy of the result or the link to the website or social network where you are going to distribute the images in question. If the image is being used commercially, regulations require us to authorise this. Please don’t forget this important step!
  • We must also authorise the use of any equipment and the utilisation of special conditions for filming or photography. In both cases, this is mainly for reasons of security, collection conservation and, above all, respect for the public. This is also to make it easier for you and provide any assistance we can.

Request procedure for filming and photography:

For any kind of filming and/or media photography, please send your request to: e-mail . If possible, please include the completed press form. This document also includes a commitment to comply with the general conditions of use for the images.

Download the press form herePDF.

This procedure is governed by the following regulations: