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Survey of the Athenaeum

Ateneo de Madrid

In 1922, thanks to the efforts by Manuel Antón y Ferrándiz at the Spanish Society of Anthropology, Ethnography and Prehistory, the 1901 questionnaire entitled ‘Información promovida por la Sección de Ciencias Morales y Políticas del Ateneo de Madrid’ (Information sponsored by the Moral and Political Sciences Department of the Athenaeum of Madrid) regarding popular customs and life milestones - birth, marriage and death - was added to the collections of the National Museum of Anthropology. Since then, the museum has held the cards onto which the information contained in the original documents sent by the informants was transcribed. The original questionnaires never reached the Museum.

You can access the more than 17,000 cards held by the Museum at the website 'Survey of the Athenaeum: Spanish customs in 1901-1902' Nueva ventana