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The Museum’s memory

Archivo del MNA

The historical archive of the National Museum of Anthropology is made up of administrative documentation related to the history of the museum and its artefacts, as well as a significant photographic collection made up of almost 7,000 items.

This collection comprises negatives and prints in various techniques and formats (negatives on glass plate, albumen prints, stereoscopic photographs, etc.), covering a wide temporal and geographical range. It includes images from the late 19th century to the present day, from all over the world, always related to Social and Cultural Anthropology, showing scenes, ways of life and customs of different ethnic groups.

Among the most outstanding photographic collections you can find images taken during the expedition of the Pacific Commission (1862-1866), as well as from the exhibitions held in Madrid about the Philippines (1887), the Ashantis (1897), and the Inuit (1900).

Equally noteworthy are the collections related to physical anthropology, such as those from the Natural History Museum in Paris.

Due to these collections’ particular characteristics and special conservation needs, you can make an appointment to consult them through the following channels: