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Estudios realizados por el MNA

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Estudios de público realizados en el Museo

The NMA has been a pioneering museum in this field. The museum’s first visitor studies, one of the first studies on the subject performed in Spain, were carried out sporadically between 1982 and 2005, the year when a study was undertaken whose conclusions, along with a data comparison, were published in an article in the Annals journal in 2006 PDF.

Since 2005, the museum has performed systematic annual studies, in which detailed information is compiled on attendance by visitor type, a description is produced of the activities carried out over the year, a series of final conclusions are drawn and to finish off, all the evaluations of the activities carried out during that year are gathered.

The general aim of these visitor studies has been and continues to be to get to know you, our visitors, better, so that we can provide a better response to your needs.

View the 2005-2012 History of Visitor Studies here Link externo.