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Visitor studies and evaluations

...and we get to know each other bette

In the last 40 years, we at the National Museum of Anthropology have carried out numerous visitor studies annually, to which have been added the research projects undertaken since the 1990s by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport - specifically the General Subdirectorate of State Museums (Spanish acronym SGME) and recently in the context of the ongoing programme created within it to provide this task with continuity, the Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory.

As you can see, both the museum and the ministerial bodies that are in charge of it have taken very seriously this vital task for the proper management of a cultural institution, that of knowing who comes to the museum and why, the expectations of those who visit frequently and their level of satisfaction, but what they also find lacking, as well as many other details, both quantitative and qualitative, which are essential to taking the most suitable decisions in the day-to-day running of the museum, continuing to move forward in the things that work well but also correcting mistakes and remedying the existing deficiencies which, as we have said, would otherwise be difficult to detect.

Fortunately, thanks to this perseverance and continuing efforts in the matter of evaluation, today we know much more about you and you experience in the museum. But we surely need to continue investigating, as well as checking from time to time that the decisions we are adopting are working to your satisfaction. We are therefore taking this opportunity to ask you in advance for your collaboration and good will if at any time we steal a little of your time to answer a few questions or to fill in a questionnaire, and to ask you to please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. You know it’s for a good reason and because we value your input.