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Our numbers are growing...
Estudios de público realizados en el Museo

Thanks to the trust and loyalty of you all, in recent years the MNA has experienced a very significant increase in visitors, which is very well demonstrated by the leap from the 40,340 in 2010 to the more than 73,000 in 2016, an increase of over 80% in six years.

These figures are undoubtedly the result of the progressive increase in the number of activities, as well the launching of new initiatives related to the new working philosophy and way of understanding the more open, dynamic and participative museum.

All of this has contributed to providing the museum with a new and different image, which has consequently brought about that those of you who were already regular visitors are finding a more attractive cultural range in it, and that for those of you yet to visit the museum, it has become one more alternative among the cultural options that interest you.

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