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Not visitors, participants.

We at the MNA are clear that the museum is for all and that it must be a place of social integration and inclusion where all visitors are welcome. This premise is our main objective, and every day we are committed to being an institution ever more open to society and to maintaining a continuous, enriching dialogue with it. Listening to different groups and people, offering the museum as a place for the expression and exchange of ideas and inviting them to actively participate in it is the exciting task that drives us.

But the MNA is not alone on this path, as alongside the other state museums it is immersed in the Museos+Sociales Plan promoted by the Ministry of Culture and whose basic principles are based on creating 10% accessible museums which can also respond to the concerns of all visitors and echo their interests. In short, more social museums that can adapt to the needs of all visitors and, most especially, of the groups that come less to the museum or who are in risk of social exclusion.

Find out the details the Museos+Sociales Plan Link externo