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Mission and objectives

The values of cultural diversity
Misión y objetivos del museo

Although its vital functions are kept regulated by the Royal Decrees that define it from a legal viewpoint, thanks to a new strategic plan at the drafting stage, the MNA is currently involved in a process of renewing its contents and identity, as well as its capacity to communicate values and to promote public participation in constructing its purpose within the Museos + sociales Plan of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in which, along with the Museum of America, it leads the programme for promoting respect for the values of interculturality.

It is a process in which temporary exhibitions play a very important experimental role, as do the workshops with immigrants, young people and teenagers and other “new visitors”, through which they incorporate new subjects and perspectives and the museum becomes a mediator and catalyst of the interests of different groups, and not a promoter of a single, monographic vision of the cultural wealth of global society.

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