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Environmental commitment

The museum of the ECOengaged people

Here at the MNA, we know that our commitment to society must go hand in hand with our commitment to the environment, because human activity is inseparable from the world around us.

In 2021, ICOM proposed the theme 'The Future of Museums: Reclaiming and Reimagining' for International Museum Day, with the invitation to 'create, imagine and share' new museum methods consistent with social and environmental concerns.

With the UN Sustainable Development Goals in mind, especially Number 11 ('Sustainable Cities and Communities') the museum team - in collaboration with the public - has drafted this environmental commitment charter to make these concerns visible and to guide our present and future actions. Our aim is to solidify the MNA's status as a sustainable space and to bring these practices to the public through our activities.

The points in this commitment charter reflect the public's suggestions, as collected in the #MNAComprometido initiative, translated into a set of best practices PDF.

Carta compromiso ODS