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Social commitment

Compromiso ético

The MNA aims to be a museum open to all in which, honouring its motto, there’s room for all of us. A museum in which the multiculturality and diversity existing in the world are not just a reality reflected with rigour and respect, but are also our raison d'être, and in which the driving force that moves us is the encouragement of dialogue, coexistence, exchange and understanding between peoples and their cultures and the human beings that make them up.

That is why we at the museum are committed to revealing the wealth that this cultural diversity brings to us all. With boundless enthusiasm and faith in this idea, we want to do our bit towards achieving that everyone inhabiting the planet, without exception, enjoys the values of equality, tolerance, freedom and dignity, whatever their social and sexual status, their beliefs, their culture, their identity or the colour of their skin: enthusiasm reflected in the activates we undertake and in which the reality of other cultures, even our own, takes the spotlight, inviting us to reflect on ourselves, our circumstances and the role we play in the world.

The MNA is also committed to an ecology-minded attitude which means that we advocate a greener, healthier and more sustainable world for all human beings, which drives us to defend values like respect for nature and the strength to make more balanced and responsible use of the resources of the environment that surrounds us.

We are going to compile these values in a decalogue or code of ethics which we are drafting and which we will present in this same section in due course. These notes are a preview of this commitment.

In short, the MNA aspires to establish itself as a meeting and coexistence space for people and cultures, in which human values and emotions, combined with sustainability and respect for the environment, are our prime motivators. An objective we cannot achieve alone, but with the participation of you all.