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So that everything is ready

The museum’s team is made up, according to roles, of both administrative and service staff, public employees with different profiles and different qualities - and great enthusiasm - whom we have agreed to take onto the staff through competitive recruitment. We make up the basic nucleus of the MNA’s production and service structure and we guarantee the institution’s functioning and the general principles of public administration, the social commitments acquired through its charter of services and its strategic plans and, in the final instance, general interest.

For certain auxiliary functions - such as security, cleaning, the maintenance of the facilities, IT maintenance and the museum’s cultural dissemination - we have the assistance of various contracted collaborating companies.

In all cases, regardless of the positions we occupy in the organization of the team and the tasks with which we are entrusted, we are all united and motivated by gaining the satisfaction of ensuring that our often “invisible” work results in a great many people like you enjoying themselves every day in the museum’s rooms, visiting an exhibition or taking part in a guided visit or an activity, and in everything being ready so that when you arrive you won’t wonder how something like this has been possible or who has made it possible - you’ll simply enjoy it.

And if you would like to find out a little more about the professionals of our museums, go to this link:

Professional resources Link externo.


Director: Fernando Saez Lara e-mail

The Museum Director is a discretional appointment of the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport proposed by the Director General of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage and Archives and Libraries, following the evaluation by a professional committee of the candidates who have voluntarily presented themselves for the competitive recruitment process for the post invited for the purpose. The current Director was selected through this process on 16 October 2013.

In his application for the position, he presented the following proposal for the museum’s future:


Organisational Chart of the National Museum of Anthropology


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