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Visit to the cave of Altamira

Visita a la cueva de Altamira
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Salto de línea After the temporary suspension due to Covid-19, visits to the Altamira cave have resumed on August 15, 2020, according to the decision adopted by the Permanent Commission of the Altamira Board of Trustees.

In order to respect compliance with the distancing and prevention measures that result from the current health crisis, the visitor selection system by random selection that had been carried out from 2014-2015 is temporarily suspended.

Therefore, for this purpose, the public visit to the Altamira cave is resumed by activating the waiting list established in 2002. Thus, the five weekly visitors will come from the waiting list that was suspended in 2002. Prior appointments will be assigned to applicants on the waiting list.


The Museum Reservations Department will contact the people on the waiting list in strict order.

If you are already part of this list and want to communicate any modification of personal data, such as address or telephone number, you can send an email to administracion.maltamira@cultura.gob.ese-mail

The visit will continue with the same access protocols that were approved on March 26, 2015 by the Board of Trustees of the Altamira National Museum and Research Center, which decided to maintain the regime of controlled and limited access to the Altamira cave that began in the framework of the Research Program for Preventive Conservation and Accessibility. This regimen consists of a 37-minute visit per week for five people. The visit is carried out under a strict protocol of clothing and lighting, and with a route and time spent defined for each area of ​​the cave.Salto de línea

Visita a la cueva de Altamira Pulse para ampliar
Visita a la cueva de Altamira Pulse para ampliar