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Salto de línea The virtual reality 'Altamira, la cueva animada' is an opportunity to get to know the cave of Altamira during the Paleolithic. A virtual experience that takes us to the very moment when the famous polychrome bison were painted and, as we tiptoed into the scene, we can witness that special moment.

The recreation was made from the current scientific knowledge of the life in the cave of Altamira during the Upper Paleolithic. To realise this return to our past, to our "first we", have combined archaeological information with the most advanced technology through the use of laser scanning and photogrammetry.

We invite you to enter this story, possibly and likely, that will help us to understand the past of the Altamira cave.Salto de línea

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Making of Altamira, la cueva animada.

If you have already seen Altamira, la cueva animada, you cannot miss now the creation and development process that made possible the realization of this incredible story in virtual reality. The creation of this virtual stage has required a technological deployment of great magnitude and the participation of different professionals who have worked together. This making of shows how this work was developed and how the scientific data was transformed into a fascinating story to be enjoyed by all our visitors.