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Audiovisual resources

A walk through the museum

Nowadays our public can see two different spaces: the rooms dedicated to the Marquis of Vega-Inclan, paying him tribute and honoring his vision, now overcome, about El Greco's life; and the rooms dedicated to the Cretan painter, where his life, works, and ultimate influence in the Toledo of the beginning of the 17th century are exhibited. We present you with a short video (in Spanish) showing this new vision of the museum after the renovation of 2011.

The museum in three minutes

We invite you on this virtual walk through the museum, a quick glance on its collections and spaces. See how much the museum can offer in just three minutes.

Welcome to the Museo del Greco

An audiovisual introduction to the visit, where aspects related to the past and present of the institution are explained. A journey from the recovery of El Greco around 1900 and the foundation of the House-Museum, to the current institution and its new exhibit discourse.

El Greco's style

Documentary video showing how El Greco created the Apostolate, analizing the different layers and how each canvas was made.

Why El Greco painted like that

Through the analysis of some of El Greco's most emblematic paintings we will see how the Cretan artist painted, and the dedication each of his works needed in order to achieve such results.