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Salto de línea The Museum's route can be divided into three main themes: the archaeological remains (ocher color in the map), the founder of the museum, the Marquis de la Vega-Inclán, and his initial idea (green color) and El Greco (crimson color).

The tour begins by visiting the caves in the gardens, then seeing the rooms of the Marquis and ending with El Greco in Toledo and his followers. Along the route we also find temporary exhibition areas (in dark gray in the map). With these exhibitions within the tour we seek to provide new visions of our collections through its contrast with the works loaned.Salto de línea

Salto de línea The Museo del Greco has the work of Doménico Theotocopoulos, known as El Greco, as its main theme but it was considered necessary to explain the figure of our founder for several reasons. The first is due to its important role in the revaluation of El Greco, and the second is that many of the current characteristics of the Museum are due to the decisions and vision of the Marquis at the beginning of the 20th century. For example, our location is due to his interest in creating an evocative environment that would help contextualize El Greco. Likewise, thanks to his idea of ​​creating a Museum of Spanish art, where the works of Greco were the central pieces, we keep in our Museum several high quality paintings belonging to different schools.