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Inside the Museum

Sala del Apostolado


Museum director: Rosa Becerril Sánchez


Collections area


The department of collections has as its main mission the preservation, study, investigation and documentation of the museum's collections. The area of Preventive Conservation monitors the physical conditions of the works in the collection, and intervenes in their surroundings when needed to obtain the optimum preservation of the heritage we keep. This area also coordinates the restoration works carried out on our collections.


The area of Documentation operates through the Integrated System for Museographic and Documental Management (DOMUS), which has all the necessary tools for the management, cataloguing, and documentation of the heritage kept in the museum.


The main mission of the department of Communication is to make the museum a space of communication and dialogue. The department focuses on making the museum and its collection accesible for everyone through the study and investigation of our real and potential public, encouraging education, cultural dynamism, and the museum's social projection, as well as searching for direct channels of communication with our public.


The department also coordinates the actions of media proffesionals while visiting the museum, giving documentation and the necessary attention for the promotion of the institution through such media.


Technical staff in these departments:


Administration and Human Resources

The museum administration is key for the coordination and monitoring of the different projects and works of the institution, as well as the economic, administrative and human resources management.


Administrator: Maite Zahonero

Administrative assistant: vacant post

Maintenance: Francisco Perez Maestre


The museum also has gallery attendants, shared with our neighbour the Museo Sefardi, as well as externalized services, through the Ministry, for the shop, IT, security, maintenance, gardening, cleaning and education. Furthermore the museum has a cultural volunteers program through the Confederacion Española de Aulas de la Tercera Edad (Spanish Confederation of Elderly Groups).

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