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Museum in numbers


Our museum has traditionally been a space for approaching the life and work of the Cretan painter. Nowadays the visitors have become the center of the museum's life. The Museum opens its doors as a public and interactive space, capable of integrating its public and promoting critical debate around its collections and the institution itself. The museum invites everyone to participate through its cultural activities, hoping to meet our audience's expectations, and promoting cultural knowledge. Therefore, knowing our visitors and their opinions is crucial.


Total built surface: 1.461,75 m2

Total useful built surface: 1.282,25 m2

Permanent exhibition: 1.165,51 m2

temporary exhibition area: 70, 89 m2

Gardens: 1.765,25 m2

Caves: 88,62 m2

Public areas without heritage: 264,77 m2

Internal areas without heritage: 74,50 m2


Exhibited: 132

In storage: 1.850

loans from other institutions: 27


Visitors in 2020: 52.457​

Visitors in 2019: 236.681

Visitors in 2018: 257.260

Visitor in 2017: 261.213

Visitors in 2016: 236.887

Visitors in 2015: 240.146

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