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The Museum's history is closely tied to the figure of Don Benigno de la Vega-Inclán y Flaquer, 2nd marquis of Vega-Inclan (1858-1942) and one of the most important patrons of the arts during the first half of the 20th century. He imposed the trend of recreating a historical ambiance in museums.

The Museum is, nowadays, the only museum in Spain dedicated to the painter known as El Greco, and has as its essential mission the transmission and understanding of the figure of the painter, as well as his influence in Toledo during the beginning of the 17th century. The Museum also includes a selection of its past through the figure of the 2nd marquis of Vega-Inclan, true sponsor of the institution and unquestionable protagonist in the recovery and transmission of El Greco’s paintings.

Policy lines

In this respect, and through our exhibitions, activities, and cultural programs the Museum tries to:

  • Spread the figure of El Greco as a mannierist painter with Greek and Italian formation.
  • Explain the rediscovery of his paintings at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as the different ways his paintings have been understood throughout history.
  • Emphasize the influence of El Greco on contemporary artists, from the Avant-garde to the present.
  • Spread and promote the 16th-17th century house and the remains of the old Jewish Quarter of Toledo.
  • Engage and comunicate with the community of Toledo, specially the Jewish quarter where the Museum is located, in order to become a place for meeting, discussing and critical thinking in the neighborhood.
  • Promote the Museum and its gardens as a resting, leisure, and inspiration place.
  • Work toward a better accesibility, be it physical or intellectual, taking into account our location in a historic building.
Old Upper garden between 1911 and 1942 Pulse para ampliar
Marquis of Vega-Inclán Pulse para ampliar
Left to right.: José Vega-Inclán, Maria Belén López-Cepero, Benigno Vega-Inclán, Carmen López Viqueira?, Manuel Bartolomé Cossío Pulse para ampliar
Entrance to the courtyard (1910-1942) Pulse para ampliar
First Apostolate room (1910-1942) Pulse para ampliar
Lower gardens (1910-1942) Pulse para ampliar
Courtyard before the Museum (1900-1905) Pulse para ampliar
View of the outside of the Museum around 1910 Pulse para ampliar
One of "El Greco's rooms" (1910-1953) Pulse para ampliar