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Do you know what makes the visit so special?

Primera razón

Great art:Salto de línea Discover great art through El Greco and the Museum created thanks to the great interest the Marquis of Vega Inclán showed towards the Cretan painter. Look at El Greco's brushstrokes, the colours he used, and the expresivity of the figures he painted while calmly visiting the Museum.

Segunda razón

Art as therapy:Salto de línea All paintings have a story that transports us to the moment they were created. As we explore the Museum, we relax and escape from the city, all the while discovering the paintings of El Greco, Luis Tristan, Zurbaran, Martinez del Mazo or Sorolla.

Tercera razón

Creativity:Salto de línea The Museum offers many learning opportunities, for all publics and ages, through its workshops. Furthermore, from time to time, concerts in the garden, poetry readings, book presentations, or conferences are programmed in order to improve the understanding of the collection. Don't miss the three micro-exhibitions about traditional tiles right now at the Museum.

Cuarta razón

Buying something to remember:Salto de línea With Christmas so close by, don't miss the opportunity to take home a reminder of the painting that moved you most deeply, or buy more specialised books so you can have a library like El Greco´s, or buy that token that reminds you of something dear.

Quinta razón

The magic of art:Salto de línea Taking a stroll through the gardens in the heart of Toledo's Jewish Quarter could be one of the most memorable moments you have ever experienced. Visit our Museum and gardens with complete peace of mind #CultureIsSafe #CulturaSegura

Museum online

If you can't come to Toledo, you can still visit the Museum: