Spinning wheel

Spinning wheel Pulse para ampliar Spinning wheel (1800-1900)
  • CE00195
  • 1800-1900
  • Wood: Assembled

The spinning wheel is an instrument used to create yarns from fleece, flax or hemp. This is a castle, or vertical, spinning wheel, so-called because all the parts are placed vertically. The fiber would be in the upper part and, operating the pedal with the foot, the fiber would spin and became yarn through the movement of the wheel.

This type of spinning with a spinning wheel, instead of a spindle, appears in India around 500 b.C., and can be found in Europe around the 13th or 14th centuries. Up until the industrial revolution, different types of spinning wheels could be found in homes and workshops, as well as the classical spindles for manual spinning. In the painting "The painter's family", spinning was very common at homes and, being done by women, it could be found in femenine dais until the 17th century.


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