Cabinet Pulse para ampliar Cabinet (1651-1700)
  • CE00189
  • 1651-1700
  • Pinewood- Iron- Bone: Carved - Painted with tempera - Gilt - Assembled - Forged - Cast- Incision

Open front cabinet organized in three vertical areas with numerous locked drawers. The front of the drawers have geometric decorations arount the handles, with polychrome inlays. The background is also painted.

This is an evolution of the popular gilt and painted cabinets of the "columns" series, seen as the most genuinely "Spanish" ones. These column cabinets come from the strict classicism of architectural cabinets from the 16th century; from the first third of the 17th century, these cabinets gradually grow more decorated and painted.

Although the production center of these cabinets is unknow, traditionally they are considered to be from the city of Salamanca.