Coffer Pulse para ampliar Coffer (1801-1900)
  • CE00188
  • 1801-1900
  • Cedar wood- Iron: Carved - Assembled - Forged - Cast

Cover-less coffer with two drawers in the upper part, and a bigger one below. The coffer is completely covered in geometrical decorations, remakably numerous circles and star-like decorations. The rosettes at the front of the drawers are surrounded by a line of rope-like carvings, and another line of interlaced triangles. At the sides there are suns with curving rays and fan-like decorations.

In the 17th century a strong industry appeared, creating coffers with flat covers, generally with three drawers, like the one in our collection. This type of popular coffers stims from inlay, sumptuous, coffers. These coffers can be included in the furniture tipology of small furniture without a particular purpose, like the sewing kits.

The decoration is a popularized version of mudejar decorations, and is quite common in northern Spain, appearing, for example, in dowry chests or kutxas from the Basque country.