Inlaid coffer

Coffer Pulse para ampliar Coffer (1801-1900)
  • CE00186
  • 1801-1900
  • Walnut - Iron - Bone - Boxwood: Assembled - Forged - Cast - Inlay

Prismatic coffer with a flat cover and side handles for transportation. The front is inlaid with small rhombus and triangles made of bone, ebony and boxwood, creating circunscribed hexagons and floral motifs in the cover and sides.

This is a copy of mudejar inlaid coffers, the most "genuinely Spanish" production of the end of the 15th century. They were later on still produced, but for a more popular setting. This type of inlay features a small number of decorative motifs, but repeated in order to create a sense of decorative richness. Specifically, this coffer is a simplified version of Aragon's coffers from the 16th and 17th centuries.