Neogothic cupboard

Cupboard Pulse para ampliar Cupboard (1876-1925)
  • CE00050
  • 1876-1925
  • Pinewood: Assembled - Painted - Stuccoed

This tree-parts cupboard, with painted decoration throughout the exterior, is an interesting and peculiar Neogothic work.

It might belong to the typology of tabernacles or confessionals furniture, and was, possibly, part of liturgical furniture. This assesment is partly reinforced thanks to the presence of a niche with a background decorated with stars.

Among the historical furnitures there are no small number of quaint reinterpretations and imitations of Renaissance works, product of the fashion during first fourth of the 20Th century. These neo-works are given an antique appearance mostly through using ornamental elements (lathing, carving, inlays of iron and wood) as can be seen in this example.