Saint Agnes

Saint Agnes Pulse para ampliar Saint Agnes (1605-1615)
  • CE00099
  • 1605-1615
  • Wood: Carved - Gilted - Painted

This sculpture represents Saint Agnes, one of the first martyrs revered by the church. Her name comes from the Greek "agné", meaning pure, while in latin "agnus" means lamb. One of her attributes is, actually, a white lamb, alluding to her name as well as the vision her parents had eight days after her death.

Because of the similarities between this sculpture and that of an unidentified saint, also in the Museum, it is possible that they were part of the same sculptural work: a small or medium altarpiece probably, in which these sculptures might have been in a lateral panel or area. This sculpture, as well as the unidentified Saint, belong the the Baroque Andalusian School, and have been linked to the workshop of Pablo de Rojas or the workshop of Alonso de Mena. If that were the case, the magnificient paint might have been done by Pedro de Raxis, who was a usual collaborator in both workshops.