Aggripina Minor

Aggripina Minor Pulse para ampliar Aggripina Minor (c. 50a.C.)
  • CE00141
  • c. 50 a.C.
  • White marble: Carved/ Polished

Femenine head of the Julius-Claudius Dynasty. It can be more precisely dated to the times of Claudius (41-54 a.C.) thanks to the peculiar hair style, following the metropolis fashions which also reached the Iberian Peninsula. The row of curls framing the forehead until the temples, where the row of curls duplicate to create a triangle in front of the ears, as well as the styling of the rest of the hair in waves reaching the very back of the head, is very typical of this period, and can clearly be seen in the sculpture.

Also common of the time, and helping to date the work, is the upper lip lacking a central mark, as well as the superciliary arch parallel to the eye height. We think it might be Aggripina Minor, wife of Claudius and mother of Nero. There are other seven portraits of her made in Hispania.

This work also has a shares a similar hairstyling than the one from the Museo de Albacete. Its quality does not hide provincial features, like the overabundance of curls in the rows, which make it possible that the work was made in Hispania, but in a good production center.


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