Plate Pulse para ampliar Plate (1576-1600)
  • CE00118
  • 1576-1600
  • Faience: Fired - Glazed - Painted

This plate from Talavera de la Reina is part of the tricolor dotted series, from the last third of the 16th century to the beginnings of the 17th century, characterised by the use of white, blue, and ochre, and the dots on the edges of the plate.

From the 16th century onwards, Talavera's series have Chinese influences, mostly with the use of blues and certain plant shapes. But at this point, strong Flemish influences can be seen in this series. The decorations on the plate want to reproduce a natural environment, this naturalism, common in potteries from the 16th and 17th centuries, evolve into hunting scenes; scenes, on the other hand, very well liked by the nobles.