Wine jug

Jug Pulse para ampliar Jug (1500-1600)
  • CE00222
  • 1500-1600
  • Clay: Fired - Glazed - Painted

This jug from Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), with cobalt blue geometric and plant-like decorations over white, is probably an example of one of the first blue series made in this ceramic center, during the 16th century. Unlike later series from Talavera de la Reina, the decoration is painted using just one hue of blue, and is very squematic, reminding of geometric mudejar decorations still very much used at the time in Toledo.

From this point onwards, Talavera becames the main center for quality pottery products, creating these blue over white ceramics thanks to Chinese influences. Specifically, this wine jug would be used for table service, like the contemporary jugs of Santiago.