Cerámica Pulse para ampliar Cuenco (1701-1800)
  • CE00266
  • 1701-1800
  • Faiance: Fired - Glazed - Painted

Bowl with a milky white glaze, decorated in a two-toned blue. Inside there is a depiction of a wild boar running among thin trees. A rinceau frieze of acanthus leaves "alla porcellana" goes around the inferior border of the bowl's mouth, in the interior part of the piece.

In the exterior, two buildings of Asian influence are depicted, and in between there are wading birds and trees. Bushes of heavy, spotted lines and clouds filled the rest of the landscape.

This bowl belongs to the blue series of Talavera, and specifically to the subseries of tiered trees ("árboles de pisos") of the 18th century. This subseries is heavily influenced by the potterey decorations of Savona (Italia). The pagoda-like buildings are very common in "Chinese landscapes" like the ones depicted in blue and white in works from Delft.