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The Museum's collection

Museum's collection

The museum's collection is a significant selection of 16th and 17th centuries works, representing the life and work of Domenikos Theotokopoulos, El Greco, as well as Toledo's society and culture at the time.

The museum holds a collection of works that belong to the painter's last period,among which the 13 paintings of the Apostles stand out, as well as the View and Plane of Toledo, the Tears of Saint Peter, and a selection of portraits. In addtion the museum also holds paintings by other Manierist and Baroque artists, sculptures, archaeological pieces, furniture, textiles and different decorative art pieces. Most of these works were part of the foundation collection of the museum, created by the II Marquis of Vega Inclán at the beginning of the 20th century.

The collection has slowly increased thanks to the acquisitions made by the state, new deposits and donations. The collection's increasing policy is vital in order to complete the view of El Greco and his workshop, as well as his influence in other contemporary painters.

This collection has been part of numerous exhibitions and catalogues since the museum foundation in 1911 until now. If you wish to learn more about our collections look in "Other catalogs" below, for new acquisitions and movements, check the web for the "loan of works" and "news" sections, or follow the hashtagh #MuseumMondays in our social networks.

Through the Digital catalogue of the Museo del Greco you can access information about the works displayed in the exhibition, as well as information about other works kept in the institution, from museographical elements to documents. The catalogue is only available in Spanish.

Other catalogues

The Museo del Greco participates in other digital catalogues, in collaboration with different institutions. This way new lectures and views of our works can be created.