Green Paper on the of Sustainable Management Cultural Heritage

Culture is an essential asset that provides greater well-being to society, making it fairer, freer and richer in its diversity. Cultural heritage sets, in a special way, an example of a sustainable and resilient model that coexists in balance with nature. Therefore, managing it comprehensively, respecting its values ​​and taking advantage of its flexibility is, undoubtedly, a commitment to preserving our past, to achieve our future.

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Best practices in sustainable management of cultural heritage

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Rehabilitation and opening of a pre-industrial forge to the public.

Seville Cathedral has been dedicated to preventive conservation work for over 20 years, resulting in significant cost savings and eliminating the need for extensive restoration projects.

A projection mapping event created on the remains of original paintings, for insight into the original pictorial technique and to uncover iconographic representations.

An European proyect to conceptualize and generate new business models that seek the profitability and economic sustainability of the digitized heritage of archives.