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Research and training

Documentación de los embalajes originales en la fase previa a la catalogación del material “en seco”. En la imagen, interior de la cámara acorazada del Museo Arqueológico Nacional.
Conservación de los embalajes originales: blísteres.
Catalogación de las monedas “en seco” en el Departamento de Numismática del Museo Arqueológico Nacional.
Examen de la superficie de las monedas con la lupa binocular.
Aula de formación en Arquatec

All the actions that have been carried out within this action plan have generated information and knowledge about this historic moment and the cultural property that has been recovered from the frigate. Managing this knowledge involves the following: making the catalogue of over 5,000 coins and the items of cultural property recovered from the frigate accessible; the dissemination of the analyses and restoration treatments carried out; the location and study of hitherto unpublished documents; collaborating with universities and centres of technology; and collaborating on the scientific publications that make up the exhibition catalogue and this website.

All the actions and results of the plan have been publicly communicated on different work forums and from different angles such as: the protection of underwater cultural heritage and the fight against illegal trafficking; highlighting the importance of cultural property as documentary and museum collections; and the challenge of managing the collection and circulation of cultural property.